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November 5, 2016

With election time less than one week away, I thought an edition to my blood cleanup pages would fit into this joyous season. So here Los Angeles County, your new blood cleanup web pages - - enjoy. I love sarcasm!

  • Now, if a reader wonders if this addition to Evans Enterprises web site has anything to do with white cops shooting unarmed black kids in Los Angeles County, it does not; for such shootings have no place in this historic city's recent history. Although, things change. But before I get ahead of myself, here's some ideas to consider when it comes to police shooting in Los Angeles county:
  • Some police shootings are clearly justifiatble
  • Some police shootings are accidcental
  • Some police shootings occur because of long held bigotry in the Los Angeles County general population, which lead to stereotypes among the police population's conception of the black population, hence, "Black Lives Matter."

General observations here help to explain what's going on with police shootings, I hope; plus, we must not stereotype police officers anymore than others in our alustreous society. Each officer serves as he or she lives, as individuals with their own personal attitudes, beliefs, and opinions. There.

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