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Orange, California

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Eddie Evans charges less, much less.

Government Corruption - Families victimized a second time - Orange County Probate Court - Facts - Homicide - Seal Beach

Government employees do not have the authority to order families to hire crime scene cleanup companies. There are exceptions if the health department steps in.

Homicide - Suicide - Unattended Death Cleanup





"How is it,"we should ask that Orange County's families do not use the Internet when seeking blood cleanup information and cleanup help? Eddie Evans



Consumer Alert

Government employees do not have the authority to order families to hire crime scene cleanup companies. There are exceptions if the health department steps in.


Orange crime scene cleanup companies offer homicide cleanup. Homicide cleanup behins once law enforcement seals are approved for remoal. This same procedure follows for many suicide cleanup efforts. Similar investagations follow suicide as homicide. At times a similar process must occur before unattended death cleanup may begin. Then it's up to the professional biohazard cleaners to ensure the enire soiled area receives thorough cleaning and decontamination. homicides, suicides, Blood cleanup remains a family affair for many trauma cleanups, but sometimes there's too much for those unfamiliar with blood cleanup following horrific events, including decomposition. More, transparency must exist if we are to protect ourselves from the very people we hire to help


Insurance policies accepted for residential, commercial, and industrial blood cleanup.



Orangecrime scene cleanup web site takes calls at all hours on all days. Blood cleanup for homicide, suicides, unattended death, and decomposition cleanup include decontamination of soiling blood to the fullest extent. We know that at times, Orange's blood cleanup efforts should occur quickly after one of these soiling deaths. We know what to do and how to do it.Call at any hour, any day, and you're on your way to finding professional help now.








Government sponsored crime scene cleanup occurs when civil servants break their conflict of interest pledge. Employees pledge not to seek or take part in self-enrichment through their government employment. Currently, local government employees break this pledge with their business connections. Now, generalize from comments below to local governments. I use Orange County, California because it's where I live. Because here I have tons of proof. It's here where I find government employees hiding their conflicts of interest while misguiding the public. They've created a fire-wall of lies, misinformation, and utter madness to line their own pockets.

Governments have a duty to show, to prove that their employees have no way to abuse their conflict of interest pledge. This showing proof must become a common expectation if citizens can ever hope to rid our country of local government corruption. Transparency belongs in government first, feeling warm and fuzzy about employees comes later. Trust is nice; accountability is real.

Government Employee Corruption (Reward vs. Risks): Using their badges and other credentials, this is what happens: 1. County paid workers easily give up their pledge not to cheat the public, their conflict of interest agreement as tax payer supported employees; 2. they build crime scene cleanup monopolies and ruin free enterprise in Orange County's blood cleanup business; 3. they seek to gain self-enrichment by their illegal enterprises at tax payer expense while cheating victims' families of their family wealth; 4. they create patterns of mis-behavior inside their privileged positions and thereby institutionalize misappropriation of tax payer money and victims' families wealth; 5. they beget inter-generational corruption by cheating victims' families. They even call out of state to set up out-of-state-families on public supplied telephones.


"How is it," we should ask that Orange County's families do not use the Internet when seeking blood cleanup information and cleanup help? The answer, simple as it is, comes too easily to this writer and his family. County employees, and somtimes city employees, enrigh themselves by calling corrupt crime scene cleanup companies. Sometimes these employees own their own crime scene cleanup company (companies too).



Families Become Victims a Second Time


It seems almost to bazaar to believe, but for the money and greed explanation, corruption of the human spirit. We learn from victimization of families by government employees that we really cannot trust government. Transparency must exist if we are to protect ourselves from the very people we hire to help us.


  1. A family first victimized by a violent death among them reports to government authorities as ordered;
  2. A family reports to one or more "authorized" cleaning companies as directed.
  3. A family now becomes victimized a second time and by its own government.

Should a family use a cleaning company following a homicide or suicide in its residents? It is my belief that whenever discretionary money is available, a professional crime scene cleanup company should be used. But this raises the big issue, how can we trust these companies? We should have something in writing, but we should sign nothing. If possible, email to and from a crime scene cleanup company should specify the work to be done and a not to exceed amount. If work exceeds the agreed-upon not to exceed price, then work must stop.


If the family needs more service, it may be that they are now in a position to continue the cleanup themselves; for it is a crime scene cleanup companies tasked to make the residents suitable for others to do their own cleaning and restoration if needed. It is only a question of when a crime scene cleanup companies should stop its work. Therefore, a crime scene cleanup company has a duty to remove homicide and suicide debris as soon as possible. In this way they offer a family an opportunity to continue the work themselves.


After all, why should a family. Crime scene cleanup company top dollar for work that anybody can do without special training? After all, are not most crime scene cleaners high school graduates are high school dropouts? How many college graduates does it take form biohazard cleanup in general? These are the sort of questions that we need to ask of any business in the blood cleanup traids.


Finding a crime scene cleanup company is easy enough on the Internet. I placing keywords in the search box of Google, Bing, ask, yahoo, and other search engines a family will find a crime scene cleanup company nearby. All they need to do is call these companies and ask for an email as I described above. See should never breach the 5000 dollars limit for a small claims court in any case. I clean for less than 1000 in most places in California. Although above Sacramento I do sometimes ask for more money to cover gas and time issues.


Orange County Probate Court (See signed document by infamous employee.)

Nepotism plays a big part in local government offices. Family members try to ensure that they have support in their Orange County employment for ripping-off vulnerable, innocent families. Our Orange County Probate Court services help to ensure these family related jobs, nepotism, guarantees generation-to-generation security for criminal conduct under the authority of Orange County's Probate Courts. Simply, there's just too much money available because of the corruption in the crime scene cleanup nich of janitorial sanitation cleaning.

  1. Administration employees -- public guardian employees,
  2. Orange County departments, including fire, sheriff, coroner,
  3. Biohazard cleanup companies,
  4. Attorneys,
  5. Real estate agents,
  6. General contractors.

Do our probate courts know that their part in these criminal-like activities actually misuses the public trust? Our Orange County District Attorney wrote to me, "Not enough victims" for prosecution or investigation. Tax payers unite because your county government has its own agenda, and it's not your benefit.


These theiving government employees receive a tax payer paycheck twice per month. These scumbags manipulate families in their moments of greatest need. Meanwhile, our Orange County Government employees find ways to manipulate the most tender, caring emotional responses available to humanity. If this sounds like something out of Tijuana or Moscow, then it should.

Behavior Reward Risk Outcome
Corrupt County Employees High Reward Low Risk Civil Service Protection
Banking High Reward No Risk To big to fail.
Foot Soldier Low Reward High Risk Death/Injury
Stoop Labor Low Reward Low Risk Unknown



I also have a crime scene cleanup blog for those readers interested in following more current events on my consumer advocacy for victims' of homicide and suicide cheated by Orange County's employees. It takes a lot of time to make this information available, but I really feel that it's the most important action that I can possibly take. One life sometimes falls into its destiny out of common decency, social responsibility, and civic duties. Some information shows how media responds to capital's desires. I hope to see our media freed from capital's clutches. Only a free press is good enough for our United States. I'm posting a crime scene cleanup directory in this effort. Ditto my Los Angeles crime scene cleanup directory in my continuing efforts exposing corruption in county governments' employee corruption. Furthermore, in the interest of Texas crime scene cleanup, which we need because of wildfires consuming the equivalent of area equal to Connecticut recently, I submit my efforts for the forthcoming week.


As times change so too does this professional cleaning service. We've added a crime scene cleanup directory. We hope in this way to better serve those in need of biohazard disposal.



Many times I've driven many miles for a crime scene cleanup of homicides. I've even driven many miles for a mass murder cleanup. Meanwhile, pukes in our Orange County Government don't even work at crime scene cleanup, in or elsewhere. They simply pickup a telephone. Make a call, and bingo, they make tens of thousands of dollar, tax free. And just because they have a privileged position in our local government.


Seal Beach Crime Scene Cleanup


Here I used a sample from the horrific mass murder in Seal Beach, California. This one example testifies to the corruption in local government. A company from outside Orange County, California got the job. Please understand that this is not about greed or hard feelings. It's about civil servants receiving a kickback, and finder's fee for calling in the crime scene cleanup company. I live about 8 miles from this mass murder scene. I have hundreds of web sites ranking very high in Orange County, California; yet, I do not work in Orange County, California because of government employee corruption. I stay in business because I have an understanding wife; she knows about this corruption. She too knows about government employees cheating victims' families.


Here's the real rub. I live 7 miles from Seal Beach. I could have cleaned up that crime scene quickly and even in the middle of the night so that gawking film crews would have missed the action. Meanwhile, a web site in needs help. I must rank it in my attmepts to overcome Orange County's corruption. I must leave for the time being.



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