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Los Angeles Crime Scene Cleanup

Los Angeles Crime Scene Cleanup line decor
Los Angeles Crime Scene Cleanup line decor
Los Angeles Crime Scene Cleanup spa

Los Angeles Crime Scene Cleanup spa Los Angeles Crime Scene Cleanup spa
Professional Blood Cleanup Service 24/7

Call me Eddie Evans. I'm a professional cleaner for biohazardous crime scene cleanup, blood cleanup, suicide cleanup, and unattended death with decomposition. I'm available for information and appointments 24/7/365. Reasonably priced.

I've cleaned death scene for 8 years. My trauma cleanup experience includes military cleaning.


What to Expect

A crime scene cleanup company will use trained cleaners with bloodborne pathogen certification. Their cleaners l make decisions and destroy personal property directly related to the criminal act and death scene, if there was a death. They will reduce and remove biohazards from biowaste. Biowaste will be removed from solid waste. (See for cleaning information if you must clean for yourself.)

Fees: Expect a Los Angeles Crime Scene Cleanup company to accept homeowner's insurance, credit cards, and some companies will accept checks or cash.

Some companies will quote a price for the full cleanup, sight unseen. They should honor their quoted price. Others will insist on seeing the scene before offering a quote.

Some crime scene cleanup companies establish a formal business relationship and insist on a signed contract with property liens and more. There are strong similarities between these crime scene cleanup companies and other services, such as water damage and restauration companies; others are less formal and accept the terms and conditions of a verbal contract. Terms and conditions should be clear and concise before work begins, whatever business model your crime scene cleanup company follows.


What to Ask

The consumer should always ask for an invoice to reflect work completed and fees paid.

A crime scene cleanup company should have busienss insurance. They should have at least one million dollars in general liability, and two million may be the standard.

Crime scene cleanup companies should include the following services:

  • Dissect the majority of biowaste,
  • Remove all biowaste related to the criminal act and death scene,
  • Remove all solid waste related to the criminal act and death,
  • Remove all or the majority of carpet and padding from crime scene room,
  • Chemically disinfect non-porous surfaces,
  • Chemically fog entire rooms or seal porous surfaces,
  • Reduce or remove odors,
  • Return to scene if asked to return,
  • Foresee damage beyond eyesight,

Should Not:

    • Be inquisative about personal matters,
    • Remove personal property not soiled by criminal act or death,
    • Remove items from unnaffected areas,
    • Remove odor permiated property, unless so directed,
    • Place solid waste in biohazard bags or boxes,
    • Increase prices without valid, unforeseen damages,
    • Offer a kickback for insurance manipulation,
    • Refuse to accept your calls once off the premises,
    • Refuse to return.



 What are Biohazards?

Crime scene cleanup has a narrow definition for biohazard's related to this type of biohazard cleanup. According to the Center for disease control wet blood, moist blood, and dry flaky blood, create biohazardous conditions. bloodborne pathogens, no one as HIV and hepatitis C are among our greatest concerns when working with or near blood. Because of these bloodborne pathogens our Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mandates that employers must ensure that any employees working with or near blood have bloodborne pathogen training.

Because families in a home environment do not work as employees within their own homes for blood cleanup, OSHA requirements for bloodborne pathogen training do not apply. Just the same, this writer recommends that families take bloodborne pathogen from an Internet provider of bloodborne pathogen training. These courses usually cost about $20. They come with a certificate of completion. They also warn family members about the hazards of blood, wet blood, moist blood, and dry flaky blood.

Biohazard related to other human fluids include fecal matter soiled by blood. Otherwise we consider fecal matter and infectious material, but not a biohazard in the sense used here. Fecal matter will not carry HIV or hepatitis C without blood contamination. It is the same with saliva. Human blood must come in contact with another persons orifices or open wounds. We can see from this kind of thinking that blood smears, dried blood splatters without flakes, and other blood consistencies may not create biohazardous conditions for bloodborne pathogen transfer between humans.

Logically enough, bloodborne pathogens to not become airborne, except for dry flaky blood cast into the airstream surrounding us by sloppy cleaning practices. In our eyes. These blood flakes could contaminate us with a bloodborne pathogen. Today, this writer has no knowledge of such an incident.

The vast majority of bloodborne pathogen contamination occurs by needlestick in medical environments. To date, this writer has no knowledge of a crime scene cleaner contracting a bloodborne disease from a biohazardous cleanup. But getting information out into the right people sometimes takes a lot of time. We have no crime scene cleanup journals available for practitioners or business owners. This will change with time.

What about Odors?

We know what we don't like and we don't like blood in death odors. But the facts are that these odors are not dangerous. In the 17th century. We call these "odors miasma." Today we know that early in medical history. There were no microscopes, and the germ theory of disease remain speculation among physicians. For the majority of mankind, the idea that something so small that it could not be seen could cause a plague like the bubonic plague in the 13th century remained a wild idea.

But now with the germ theory of disease dominating explanations for illness and death by microorganisms, is it any wonder that so many of us have concerns about death and blood odors? It seems at times that something with such a terrible mixture of fragrances must somehow carry disease, or at least some sort of infectious illness.

But the truth is, these terrible orders are gases from bacteria doing what nature has set about doing since the beginning of life. Just like human beings, bacteria share an existence of being, becoming, and passing away. In this life-giving and life-taking process even bacteria must pass off sulfuric and uric acid type gases.

A number of biohazard cleanup companies, also known as crime scene cleanup companies, tell their potential customers that the death odor, the blood odor, may create illness and disease.

At the moment there is little if any proof of such a claim. What we do know is that the death and blood odors will cause some people to experience nausea. This would seem like enough to keep us a way from these orders, and surely it does. For flies, these odors are picked up over a mile away under some conditions. For animals. These odors have high-value. So in nature. The odors we detests more than most, have a place.

Most important, considering the facts today are the many tens of thousands of morticians and pass all just that work with decomposing, human bodies. These practitioners have overcome the annoying odors that come with their work. Often times these practitioners, where mass made of paper over their noses and mouths.

So it seems only reasonable that if the death and blood odors. Some biohazard cleanup companies claim are dangerous. We would have no morticians and we would not have pathologists because these practitioners that with these odors, every day of their working lives. So you see, there's nothing to fear from the odor. True, these odors are difficult to remove from a death scene that has remained in place to long.




Los Angeles Crime Scene Cleanup spa
Los Angeles Crime Scene Cleanup spa

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